nike air max 2013 rot Cristiano Ronaldo world of sponsorships and product endorsements Ronaldo Inc

air max für kinder Cristiano Ronaldo world of sponsorships and product endorsements Ronaldo Inc

It’s hard being Cristiano Ronaldo. He’s won just about every individual honor, accolade and prize there is to win, as well as a fistful of league titles in England and Spain, more than a couple of Champions League trophies, Euro 2016 with Portugal and a partridge in a pear tree.

But there’s more to being a global football megastar than simply what you do on the pitch. Your work away from the stadium you know, the merchandise you sell and Billig Parajumpers Long Bear the many products and brands that you believe are befitting of a part in your iconic lifestyle is just as important. And so I decided to take a tour through the things and experiences he offers to his 58,418,493 followers on Twitter.

Ronaldo is happy to show off his boots, too, but the sneakers don’t look as strong. I’m no style icon, but they look like footwear that would get you mocked in a high school circa 1993.

Ronaldo is also quite fond of PokerStars. He joined their online gambling stable back in May 2015 (terms of the deal are unknown) because he likes gambling, I guess.

„I started playing poker a few years ago, and I love the competition, strategy and fun. Moncler Jacken I’m looking forward to taking my game to the online and live poker tables and meeting my fans head to head. Although football is my world, poker has always been my game. I’m very excited to join the team.“

The latest round of ads involve Ronaldo and NBA star Dwyane Wade filming some tricks and taunting one another. It seems a bit ostentatious to Parajumpers Long Bear do keepy ups while there’s a straight razor within inches of your neck but that’s the life of a gambler, I suppose.

Then there is his love of watches. Specifically, Tag Heuer watches. Athletes love watches. It’s a superb way to spend a lot of money on Billig Canada Goose Jacke something that’s fairly small and is impossible to ignore: a large chunky timepiece jutting about a foot off one’s wrist. Sure!

Live a Ronaldo branded lifestyle

Another important category involves the items and experiences that aim to bring you closer to Ronaldo. Take his association with fairly plain fleece blankets: it felt like the weirdest one, until recently at least (see below). They’re big blankets, the kind you can get for a reasonable price at a large Bed and Bath store, only they have his name and logo on them.

This Valentine’s Day give to your loved ones my ultimate comfort CR7blankets. He signed on to promote Sacoor Brothers in the spring of 2016 and is a big fan of their suits. They’re a Portuguese company, which obviously resonates with the national hero, but his „limited collection“ of branded suits and separates are „expected to expand the brand into a brand new planet,“ according to a glorious press release. Now you can pump iron while being reminded of the body you’ll never be able to get. Just be sure to put on Ronaldo fragrances when you’re done to cover up the scent of sweat and regret.

Fancy a reward for your busy day of shopping and exercise? Simply eat at Ronaldo’s restaurant group in which Moncler Jacke Verkauf he’s partnered with Pau Gasol and Enrique Iglesias (sure, why not?) but only after you’ve visited his museum. Then, once dinner is done and you’re exhausted and full, you can crash for the night at Ronaldo’s hotel. And yet it involves Cristiano Ronaldo. At least it’s nothing as weird as this product he pitched in 2014.

Oh, and his recently unveiled project with Egyptian Steel, a company trying to dominate their nation’s steel production and distribution industry. Who better than CR7 to help shift metal?