nike air max 1 gs and Tiempo Legend V

air max 1 engineered mesh and Tiempo Legend V

Almost twenty years ago in Pasadena, California on July 1994, Brazil and Italy contested the first World Cup final to be decided by a penalty shoot out.

However, that was not the only first.

10 of the 22 players who made the starting line up in the Rose Bowl were all sporting Tiempo Premiers including stars such as Italy Paolo Maldini and Brazil Romario.

Although the Tiempo sported a classic black and white colour palette, the 10 who sported them were anything but.

The boot was a representation of what was to come, a new dawn to herald a new guard ready to change the face of football, armed with their Nike Tiempos fitted with its the iconic swoosh.

To celebrate the Tiempo 20th anniversary, Nike is introducing the Tiempo and the Tiempo Legend V.

Both shoes sport the original Tiempo classic look and reaffirm the importance of design in football legend and its potential to change the way the game is played.

Tiempo On the pitch, players like Ronaldinho took everything, gave nothing and wore the Tiempo Premier. Embodying that spirit, the Nike Tiempo reinterprets the performance icon for everyday use.

Seeking to combine design and a timeless aesthetic, the Tiempo has a black stitched leather upper and a contrasting white swoosh with suede overlays which draw inspiration from the original Tiempo Premier.

It also features an oversized, removable tongue and stitched yellow heel swoosh which pays homage to Nike Football birth, a touch of class added to its expression to football renewed attitude.

A premium gum cup sole fitted with coloured Phylon midsole has also replaced the original studded outsole to provide additional lightweight cushioning.

The traditional craft associated with Tiempo has also been further innovated for everyday use with the addition of exposed flex grooves to maximise comfort and natural motion for its users whilst still paying tribute to the original.

Tiempo Legend V

The speed and dynamism required in today players has increased dramatically since the Tiempo was first seen.

Nike has therefore sought the input of luminaries such as Carlos Tevez, Gerard Pique and Ronaldinho to create the best leather football boot to meet the demands of the modern player whilst preserving the legacy of Tiempo.

Innovative materials such as All Conditions Control (ACC) and K leather meshed together with Hypershield technology also enable the Tiempo Legend V to dry quickly and absorb less water compared to other boots because of its hydrophobic mesh.

A new upper of two trimmed down layers also allows the boot to mimic the touch and lightweight feel of a synthetic, and is built so as to bring the foot closer to the ball to provide its user with an enhanced fit with the lightest of touches.

Moreover, while its engineered plate which moves with the user foot allows for stability, traction and comfort, its outsole plate flexes to offer increased movement and comfort as well.

The widened studs in the heel and forefoot also provide further stability. Conical studs in the forefoot and tip promotes quickness in directional rotation. Taking inspiration from Nike Free technology, the outsole plate flexes from the midfoot to offer increased movement and comfort for the duration of a match.

Despite being one of the more technologically advanced boots today, the new Nike Tiempo marries classic and modern in a celebration of that very day in 1994 where history was made

To coincide with the launch of the Tiempo V and Tiempo ’94 Nike has also created the „I AM Tiempo“ campaign featuring Gerard Pique, Ashley Cole, Sergio Ramos, Carlos Tevez and Ronaldinho.
nike air max 1 gs and Tiempo Legend V